A Marriage of Convenience.

Relationships are bound by love,trust and loyalty. When the three pillars are present, then the rest will definitely fall into place and flow naturally. “We can improve our relationship with others by leaps and bounds if we become encouragers instead of critics”. Joyce Meyer. In any marriage relationship, there are good and bad times,you can be off to a rocky start but with time you learn to build each other. You can start on a very high note but then later in life the thorns,the mountains and rocky roads along the way can prove hard to maneuver but with a positive mindset it can turn out to be abed of roses depending on the angle you view it from. Marriages are not for the faint-hearted but the strong willed. It is for the fighters and ground breakers. Marriages are for the pacesetters.

Like in every other marriage,the political blueblood also get to marry. Theirs is a marriage of convenience only done out of political gains which later results into a messy divorce. There is a lot of political bickering going on in the country currently,which has yielded a lot of chaos and confusion. The political pace has been set, the music played for the groom is almost coming to an end and humming is the only sound left to be heard. The bride’s music is still brewing and is being played slowly but surely, yet on a very high key note but the wedding bells are yet to be rung to notify the guests on the grand entry of the bride.

What we are experiencing in the country with our political leaders especially those in key positions is sad if not terrifying. These are people that were once in a political marriage,they called each other friend,they were ride or die for each other. They were inseparable, at least that’s the picture they portrayed to the public. If it wasn’t out of convenience they formed the fabulous duo,then they would have been together today bound by trust,loyalty and friendship. Sadly, it was convenient for them at the time to join hands and become one in their union. A union that was never meant to see the day.

Political marriages in Kenya are quite common and are never formed on a solid foundation rather formed out of spite. Everyone wants to have a share of the national cake but are never patient nor loyal enough to wait for their time. They are always in a hurry to have a bite like a cheating husband in a hurry to have a quickie with the “other woman”. It’s a sorry state for the nation especially for the common man because they are the ones feeling the heat and will pay dearly for the outcome. If you ask me, I would say these political marriages ought not to be there in the first place. They cause havoc, give the co-owners sleepless nights and later become bitter herbs to swallow leaving sour tastes in their mouths. These marriages break the young politicians,aspiring politicians,they discourage political amateurs and wreck wannabes in politics because it’s never a silver lining while climbing your way up. It requires energy,focus, discipline, wisdom, great interpretation skills and experience for you to join the crème dela crème in politics. Most importantly you need to have a checkmate to always keep you on the move. That is when you can be sure to have made it among the political elites.

Just like love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies,so is politics. You need each other to make it work and get to the top. You don’t need political marriage formed out of convenience to succeed otherwise you will fall out and when that day comes,it will crush you so hard to the ground, break your bones into fine powder like a grinder does to metallic stuff and the pain will be excruciatingly unbearable to a point you’ll be sent into oblivion without your realization.

Weaver Fawn once said,” the greatest marriages are built on teamwork, a mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration and a never ending portion of love and grace”. This is how these political marriages should be built not out of convenience. With teamwork and mutual respect,there comes in trust and with trust there is loyalty. ” Life has taught me that you can’t control someone’s loyalty. No matter how good you are to them,doesn’t mean they’ll treat you the same. No matter how much they mean to you,doesn’t mean they’ll value you the same. Sometimes the people you love the most turn out to be the people you can trust the least”. Those were Trent Shelton words. Because, a marriage of convenience only favour the soldiers at war who are no longer with their spouses,it favours the hit and run men,a marriage of convenience only favour the contemptuous in the society,the sadists and the chauvinists of this world.

Guest Post: Losing a Family Member to the Bethel Cult

Wondering Eagle

This is a story about losing a family member to the Bethel Church cult in Redding, California. Its about someone who works in the medical profession who is skeptical about COVID because Bethel was first. This story in the view of this blog is about a strained relationship and how Bethel causes harm not only to the community of Redding but also to families as well.

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Which tune would you dance to if given a chance?

To say politics is a dirty game is an understatement. Kenyan politics is a top notch higher. It is filled with propaganda, deceit,malice,threats and fraud. All these are served in a plate. Unfortunately, there are some who can take it in all that any time of the day. While others are not able to stomach it at all. The air is currently filled with dirty politics and propaganda. Just like Groucho Maxx once said, politics is the art of looking for trouble,finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies. Such are the antics of our politicians. Recently the tunes and beats are BBI and most people are excited at the drop of reggae tunes accompanying BBI referendum. The major theme in the political arena is the politics of succession and the drumist is enjoying the political flow of events. One would think we’re in the electioneering period.

John Adams once said, ‘Government is instituted for the common good: for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people;and not for the profit,honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men. Many countries are busy working round the clock to bring back their economies, but the Kenyan government is busy paving way for the BBI referendum. As a country and the citizens of this great motherland, we expected a great economic come back instead of an enormous political comeback. People lost their jobs,companies suffered huge loses and setbacks and businesses were ruined as a result of the Corona novel. The government ought to have come up with strategies and backup plans to ensure those fired from their jobs are reinstated and move on with their livesas before. The government should restore sanity to the people and ensure we are back to where we were before economically. There should be evonomic strategies between the government and companies, private sectors and various institutions in ensuring that steady flow of businesses and government activities.

In the political rallies, the crowd is unfathomable. Lest I forget, the WHO standards are also not adhered to. We have completely forgotten there is an ongoing pandemic and one may be excused for asking if the virus is truly with us. As Patriots of this nation albeit we all want economic growth. We want our lives improved and poverty fought by all means. Every one of us has a responsibility in ensuring the country is developing and we all experience personal growth we can be proud of. But the politicians (leaders) are acting contrary to our expectations. There is lots of politics and propaganda going on to an extent they have forgotten their sole duty to the citizens which is service. Some think they are in those offices by their own right, others by might,while others feel entitled to those offices yet most of them are there for personal selfish gains without really serving the interest of the people who elected them.

If I am to choose between politics and economic development/freedom,I would go for the latter. I would dance to the tunes of economic Freedom,I would dedicate all my time towards achieving economic growth whether at a personal or national level. Economic tunes are sweet to the ears and leaves a desired taste to the mouth. Its fragrance is pleasing to the nose and the results are appealing to the eyes with a feeling of satisfaction. I believe we would all go for the economic path to have financial freedom because we all need it as a country and not the political theatrics we are experiencing in this country today.


August 12 every year is a remarkable day in the calendar for the young people. It is World Youth Day. A day set aside for every young soul that exist or ever existed on planet earth. It is a day set aside to recognize the talents and achievements of the youth. It is also a day used to plan and determine what more can be done for the youth in order to ensure their sustainability and responsibility in the society. On this auspicious day, different organizations and governments worldwide recognize and reward the efforts of the youth towards development, leadership and decision making process in various sectors and fields they specialize in. This is the day the youth show case their talents and achievements as well as innovations to the world not for recognition but building each other up. It is a way of encouraging young people that anything can be achieved if you set your mind on doing it. That each and every person has a potential bestowed deep within them and through sacrifice, determination and resilience you can be all you want to be however long it takes.

However, today being an important day to the young people, there are some who have lost their lives under different circumstances. There are those who have died as a result of prolonged illness, others died of natural causes while some have died due to negligence. A young, brave, hardworking and enduring youth just lost his life today in the morning. This was a young man who has grown up in hardship and understands perfectly what it truly mean. Faced a lot of challenges while studyingand even paid his own school fees in highschool. He ventured and it is what helped him go through highschool. He did help his brothers and sisters as well being the first born. I must admit that his hands were truly blessed. He planted tomatoes, vegetable of all kinds, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and other cash crops which earned him much respect as a matter of fact. He understood what farm work really is and set his mind on doing it right always. At the time of harvest, he had bumpy harvest and his mama sold these foodstuffs to the community around and that is how they have lived to date.

Unfortunately, the cruel hands of death had no mercy on him. Death didn’t care about who he was, how much he suffered to be where he is today. Death didn’t give him one last chance to enjoy and appreciate his hard work. Death took him lime a whirlwind. Death came unannounced to him. Took him swiftly but painfully. He didn’t see it coming, for it was fast but very heartbreaking because he died instantly. Not anywhere cozy or a place people prefer to die at, the hospital or in their homes. His was a roadside death. An accident that claimed his life and that of his cousin. May their souls rest in eternal peahe.

Assuming his death was a case of negligence because he was driving motorcoon a busy highway and not all drivers that drive big or small vehicles have a conscious. Being a world youth Day, I believe there is still a lot of things that need to be done and addressed to the youth and one of them is making them aware of the dangers and risks involved with motorcycles especially if you are not a well-trained driver.The youth need a lot of sensitization on this. I know for a fact that many are aware of the risks attached to a motorcycle but have turned blind eye and let the warnings fall into deaf ears. Why? Because some do not care and want to live a care free life without being monitored, others have simply resorted to being rebels, while others act under the influence of peer pressure, alcohol and drugs but a majority have the feeling of wanting to belong in that circle of “yeah I can ride a motorbike ” with all the speed and adrenaline they posses. Being a tragic and unexpected death for all that knew him, sometimes I think it is important to heed to the inner voice as difficult as it may seem. Better yet, heed to the call and warnings of our parents because their words sometimes may be a bitter pill to swallow but can be very toxic if not taken into consideration. Our parents know and understand us more than we do ourselves. But a youth being the boss he thinks he is assumes the generational gap is a key to ignoring and sieving the information they get from parents. This should also be made known to the young people that they still need guidance however grown they might be. Sometimes the guidance is better learned and achieved through parents, mentors and anyone you consider a role model. These people should act as the pillars on your life giving you direction where you err.

Being a world youth Day, this is the day governments worldwide need to ensure that every ministry in the government organize a function inclusive of the young people. This will help in identifying their strengths and capabilities under different sectors. As such great talent is tapped and fully utilized. This will also ensure the youth are actively involved in government’s operations and activities, understand how these ministries operate and what goes into each in terms of intellectual intelligence, finance and manpower, the challenges encountered and how they are handled and most importantly what happens in every docket within a ministry. This will boost the morale of young people, increase their self-esteem and will have a sense of belonging in their countries and feel much appreciated by their governments.

As a youth it is your responsibility to take charge of your life and be accountable for every action and decision you make. Accept to be helped where you can’t, embrace failure as part of growth and pick up one more time to move forward. Don’t give up trying and look up to people who can assist you identify and nurture your talents and gifts. Consider your weaknesses as a stepping stone and your strengths as the landing ground. Be optimistic always and pursue your dreams with everyittle chance and energy you have keeping in mind that it is never a smooth ride, for success is not for the fainthearted but for the strong in mind, body and soul not forgetting the will power. Be safe and always remember God is above everything and everyone else. Happy World Youth Day.


Sit with the pain until it passes,and you will be calmer for the next one,one of the writers once said that. Calm never comes that easy one has to work for and earn it and it is always by way of pain that one arrives at pleasure. So what really is pain?

Pain is when you lose a son tragically when you never anticipated it. You miss him until it hurts. You ask yourself questions without answers. Pain is when you go into depression and don’t realize it. You’re faced with suicidal thoughts,you resort to withdrawal and all of a sudden nothing really matters. Everything and everyone annoys you. Pain is when you become angry at the world without a reason. Pain is going through a loss without strength and direction and simply giving in to it.

Pain is seeing your sister hurt deeply and there is little you can do about it. Her eyes tells it all, she is helpless, angry and dull every minute of the hour. You can see through her and all you feel and see is a resigned attitude towards the pain. Pain is when all the so called solutions you had for her are nothing but additional problems. Pain is when you see her make decisions that will hurt her in the long run but can’t talk her out of it. But support.

Pain is seeing your mama’s face defeated. Seeing her struggle everyday to give you quality education with hope that one day you will be independent. Pain is seeing her tears roll when she talks of the struggles she’s faced to protect her children. Pain is seeing her give you the best in life despite being a single mum for such a long time after losing her husband. Pain is seeing her lie in that hospital bed in excruciating pain with a strong spirit like that of a warrior. Pain is seeing yourself defeated to help your mama due to joblessness in spite of her sacrifices to educate you. Pain is seeing your mama smile with sadness in her eyes amidst all the misery. Pain is not being there for her as you would wish to.

Pain is seeing your friends walk away from you. Some see you as a burden,some as a loser while others see you as a sorry state. Pain is listening to your friend judge and speak ill of you in absentia forgetting there is always a mole in a circle of friends. Pain is meeting your friends and some of them pretend not to know you while others act like they forgot about you the moment they got their jobs. Pain is seeing your friends elevate themselves in life while you’re still struggling to get something stable to do. Pain is when your friends invite you out if you decline you got no money to spend and esteem issues if you accept all they talk about is their big investments with you in the picture but non existent. Pain is when some of your friends call to to inform you that they can get you a job but at a price. That you have sex with the manager first. Now that is pain.

Pain is seeing the business politicians with ears standing out like the antennae of a mini-television and round potbellies like a pumpkin seek for safe haven in offices and fail to serve their constituents. Pain is seeing the Covid19 funds go to waste without serving the intended purpose. Pain is seeing government donations given to area chiefs to assist the needy instead those who see themselves special and think they matter so much are the beneficiaries. Pain is seeing how the citizens of this country do not really care that there is a pandemic and go about their businesses casually instead of adhering to the new normal. Because to them there is no pandemic.

Today my forest is dark. Filled with thorns and dark caves that are impenetrable. The trees are sad because they are almost losing their value and all the butterflies in my forest have broken wings. It’s only a matter of time before my forest is filled with light,before my life blooms like flowers after the winter. To every person going through something tough, know that you are not alone,you will come out a victor,you will blossom and your face will be all smiles once again. As they say no pain no gain. After the storm there is calm and one thing is for sure nothing lasts a life time.

It’s Okay not to be Okay.

We all have our moments in life when we experience our highs and lows. There are times I feel I am ready for anything, a times I feel like I can take down the whole jungle. Other times I feel like I am Usain Bolt. Quite energetic and rejuvenated feeling like I can shoulder the entire world’s problems. But then again, these moments are normally short lived. I get back from my own world creation,from my ideal world back to reality.

That is the time I realize it’s never that serious and neither is it easy as it may seem. All I need is to accept the current reality and press on like any other normal person in this huge planet of ours. As I brace myself for this mystery called life.

Sometimes I wake up and feel like giving up. I feel like I’m carrying the entire world war one and two in my shoulders. The unresolved issues of cold war and the entire Kenyan problems of corruption and tribalism are all pressed inside me at that time. I try to convince myself it’s okay to want to give up,it’s okay to be weary and weak. It’s okay to be emotional and be all over the place. In my mind I have everything organized and well laid out for me to carry them out imagining how well prepared I am for everything. But in reality everything is a razzle-dazzle at the time.

When all is said and done…I sure believe that life is full of surprises. Full of twists and turns. One moment you’re happy and the next minute you’re all gloomy looking like a mourner. But it’s okay to feel all that,and I have come to appreciate that it’s okay not be okay. Why? Because there are times when I’m not myself. However hard I try to downplay the feeling,it keeps nagging me. That is the time someone greets and asks if I’m okay. How do you reply to that? Do you show them you’re truly not okay and reply with an all smiley face that you’re doing just fine? Or do you just assume them and concentrate on your moody self? Whichever way you deem it right suits you better. On the other hand, I don’t know how to pretend. If I’m not okay I’ll simply let you know so that you don’t bother me. I’m not such a pleaser that I would want to appease your spirit simply because you thought it wise to say hi when I’m not in my usual self. It’s okay to let others know when you’re not okay so you don’t see them as a nuisance at that time.

In all these low moments in my life,I accept myself and allow the feeling to flow so that I don’t confuse myself more. I give in to the razzmatazz of the moment. I allow myself to flow with the wind. I give myself the opportunity to feel vulnerable and weak because it all comes as a package of being human. And as humans we go through stages in life as long as we breath in air. Because after the storm,there is calm. There exists peace and tranquility. The serenity of the mind can be felt even from a distance after experiencing the waves and low moments in one’s life. I am only human.

The Beauty of Simple Gestures?

Not many of us appreciate the little gestures we come by in life and the nitty gritty that makes us human. A smile for instance can take us a long way. Imagine a world where everybody was frowning and every person you meet a long the way looks like they just came from a wake. How would it be like? A Thank you gesture which most of us don’t value at all means a lot too. Some feel they are entitled to the gifts and presents they receive while some deem it as a right to be treated kindly by others but not as a privilege. Well…I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s never really about you so be polite and take your time and cherish everything around you. Sorry word which more often than not is underrated by individuals yet has a great value and meaning in our daily lives is truly precious.

It doesn’t hurt to say sorry when you’re wrong. It doesn’t kill to be sorry when the other party feel aggrieved with your actions. Neither does it take a way your humanity as a person when you’re sorry and empathise with your fellow when they are facing challenges in their lives. Because as Bob once wrote a person’s a person no matter how small.

Then the most overlooked and misunderstood word is love. Love is a beautiful thing to feel and experience and it means a lot to us as a people. Though with the current generation, love has almost lost its meaning. I also want to believe that there are a few people left who truly understand what love means. Like the love of a mother towards her children. A love so pure, a love so real, a love so tender, a love capable of healing all wounds, a love not forced but so natural as the environment. A love so wild like a wildflower yet the feel of it soothes and gladdens the heart. A mother’s love is a love that should be savoured like the taste of salt in a rich soup. That is a mother’s love for you. Talking of a mother’s love doesn’t mean I disregard fathers love but it’s just that I felt short of a father’s love because nature dictated so in my early teens. But, I believe father’s also genuinely love their children especially their daughters.

Many are the times we take it for granted that someone love us…and can go an extra mile just for love. But sadly,that same love is never reciprocated in equal measure. We only realise later after letting go rather hurting the people around who loved and cared genuinely for us…and it’s normally a little too late when we come around how much pain we caused our loved ones.

It’s not by chance nor is it by coincidence that there are those who love us. Some yearn for affection, others seek for attention until they are thought to be schizophrenic yet it’s never the case. We all long for love. From our families, friends,colleagues and above all from God. Some are also in dire need for compassion. Yet, those who have all these and more take it for granted and think it is a right they are entitled to. Some use that love to their advantage, while some simply don’t value the love at all. There comes a time when those who didn’t value that love yearn and long for it. They live their god forsaken lives miserably. Some seek it to the end of the world yet are never lucky. Others do end up in the wrong hands after wasted years of genuine love since they feel lonely and want to belong once more. Why? Because they had it and never took the Chance to make a Choice and Change(3Cs) their lives when they had the opportunity. Others resort to violence since they never truly felt the love they needed and sadly some end up having inner conflict for a greater part of their life time.

So if I were you I would take a leap of faith to cherish every bit of the little things that make us human. The things that make us happy and the little things that make us smile to the world and make it a better place to live in.

Words Alone are Not Enough

Life tends to hit where it hurt the most. When that happens we loose focus,direction and hope . We completely give up and give in to the pain. Not because we want to but because we feel defeated. We let our emotions take the better part of us and sorrow becomes the daily bread.

The death of these young souls got me thinking and it has taken me back to a place where I’d rather not find myself in. A place that is more like a limbo…a place where no one wants to go to. A place we all hide from, a place that is not for the faint hearted.

That is a place that requires strength, bravery and a lot of faith. Being in the shoes of their parents is not an easy thing. It is a situation no one wishes to find themselves in but sadly,the law of nature dictates so. Losing a young soul is not easy to deal with. One is left with lots of questions than answers. Answers that you will seek for the rest of your life but you will never find. Instead what one meets with is misery, anger,pain that deepens each day. The pain leaves a wound so fresh like vegetables that have just been plucked from the garden.

Words alone are not enough to express one’s emotions and anxiety. The wishful thinking never stops and the stomach ache never ends. Like a lion so angy when it’s hungry one can easily pound at someone at the mention of something they don’t like. That is the time that aggression is real, temperatures are all over and tantrums become your cup of tea. Peace becomes scarce just like money is and you even forget who you really are. You embrace a different personality all together. Solitude becomes your companion and you forget about the people who care for you. You live in your own world and the only people that exist in that imaginary world is just you and your illusions.

The loss of a young soul is hard to deal with. There exists a lot of what IFs, questions that only God can answer. Each passing day seems like eternity and the thought of you never seeing them again brings ” butterflies ” to your stomach and goosebumps all over your body. You can shut your eyes from the world,scream as much as you want,sing all the crazy songs you know,buy yourself new clothes and shoes to fill the gap left but the pain will always be there. You will never forget how it felt with him being around and now that he is gone. The fact that you will never hear him speak or laugh, never to see his smile,never laugh at the silly things he does and never hear him calling you mama makes it worse.

The only thing one is left with are memories. Memories to treasure and cherish. Memories to hold onto until that time that you will meet again in another world. It is only his memories that keep you sober and sane. But there is never anything like moving on. Because the pain stays with you, the hurt never stops and you never forget them either. One can only learn to live with the pain,cope with the hurt and laugh just to help you forget for a while. Because a mark that is left in your heart when you lose a young soul is like written in an indelible ink,a permanent mark that can never be erased. My heart goes out to all the parents who lost their children in the stampede and quick recovery to the ones injured.

The UnInvited Guest

You came in like a whirlwind

Swept past us like the lightning that you are

You went in without notice

Sat amongst us comfortably as you studied each one of us with the I don’t care attitude that you posses

You laughed calmly,smiled slyly

Boom you struck like an angry lion,thirsty for meat and longing for fresh blood.

You chose the best of them all

The most innocent and loving souls

Wonderful and joyful souls

Chatty and witty

You chose the most adorable beings

The most promising and enthusiastic

You chose the most precious gift.

Sorrow became my first name,

Solitude my second,

Loneliness my third,

Anger and withdrawal were apart of me

Nostalgia was the general in my life.

How to react to your invitation was unfathomed

We gave in to your demands

We became helpless and hopeless

Longing for your exit

Wishing we had the power and will to throw you out

The uninvited guest that you’re

Made our lives miserable

Turned us to punching bags

You made us the epicenter of everyone

You made us your captives

Always wondering what next

Living in fear and misery

The uninvited guest turned our lives upside down

Swore to give us no peace

You made a pact with yourself never to let go

You sounded vengeful and in control

You sounded brave and sober

You were committed to fulfilling your mission

You were resigned to your destiny.

You chose the best of the best among us

You chose the knights among us

You chose the king and the queen

You chose the beautiful and inspiring

Beings that knew no evil

Souls that were accustomed to love

Souls accustomed to happiness

Souls undeserving your attention

You chose souls that we will forever cherish.

The uninvited guest showed us no mercy

You showed us pain

You left us with an avalanche of questions

You struck when we least expected

And you struck us at the most painful place.

The uninvited guest is still here with us and remains uninvited.

Modern Day Economic Hit Man

John Perkins in his book “Confessions of An Economic hit man” define economic hit man as highly paid individuals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Perkins further describes his main job at the time, where he had to convince leaders of underdeveloped countries to accept substantial development loans for large construction and engineering projects that would primarily help the richest families and local elites rather than the poor. The big question is why the underdeveloped countries? Because they are vulnerable or could it be that African leaders are easily convinced at the mention of money? By the end of the day, we all know who will be contracted to do the project.

Economic hit man know no boundaries,have no shame and wouldn’t stop at anything just to get what they want. They go as far as eating a country and her people to get it all. China for instance is increasingly using debt to expand their global influence. This is not new to many African countries. Just what is their motive or objective coming to Africa and giving them loans even when the loans have accrued? You be the judge after reading this. Most of these China loans are debt trap camouflage that easily entice African nations. But do our leaders even see the trap ? I guess not. Loans serve as eye candy to our leaders,become mouth watery and can not resist the urge either.

I would call China the modern day economic hit man. China has literally invaded the African continent and calling the shots in most African countries behind the scenes. China has become the second World bank after IMF and the only difference,China is country. It is even more sad that almost all the African countries are headed to China. But have we all thought of the long-term effect the borrowing has on the Kenyan economy and Africa at large? Our economy is being crippled slowly but surely. Our development is staggering and there will be no economic growth in the long-run.

Kenya is slowly becoming a slave to China. It’s like we have been sold off to the Chinese government,hence servants to foreigners in our own country. There have been reports that the port of Mombasa has or will be handed over to China. If there is any truth in that,then Kenya is headed for the ruins. That means unemployment will double,reduced revenue collection both at the county and national level. The impact that it would have on the economy not withstanding,Since the port is one of the major sources of revenue to the national government. If it is true,could it be that the port was offered as a collateral for loan repayment now that Kenya can’t repay her debt to China?

There is also the standard gauge railway popularly know ad SGR. China is in control of SGR much as they want to hide it from the public eye. How so? How is it possible for them to harass the employees at SGR without the government responding to their issues? Where else can that happen if not in Kenya. They also want to have a say on employment issues at SGR,seriously? Have we lost our country to China already? Have we suddenly become foreigners in our own mother land? The employees at SGR have gone through hell and back but the government is quiet about it. China is not just the modern day economic hit man but a Shylock as well.

Kenya is just but one-third of the affected African countries. China recently,had a deal gone sour with the Tanzanian president. It was more of a jilted lover for me. If the intention was genuine,I would say their president was crazy to let go of their offer. Turns out it wasn’t. China’s intention was to expand Dar es Salaam port and claim the lands around it as well. No revenue collection by the Tanzanian government, the TRA is not to be seen anywhere near the port. Even more absurd is the fact that the China government is to own the land for a period of 35years. Tanzanian government should not build any other port for a specified period of time. I find such conditions outrageous, only meant for Shylocks and people who are out to finish a country’s economy. What beats me is the fact that China government asked for a separate lease settlement and transform the place as if it were their own. What does that imply exactly? As if that wasn’t enough, China government asked the host government to compensate then for the work they will do to build the port.

Why would China make such conditions to the host country if they had no malice. By the time the 35 years have elapsed,they shall have enriched their country and improved their economy. Besides, they shall have identified a more lucrative resource they want to lay their hand on. Who does that except countries line China who thinks the entire world owes them.

As said earlier, most of these China loans are debt trap camouflage that easily entice not only the African continent but those outside as well. Sri- Lanka,a country from south Asia is a perfect example. A country that has been a victim of the China loan. Sri-Lanka handed over its port to China,but not at their own will. I could say that this could be a big help to doubting Thomases so as to have a change of thought on the so called ‘China soft loans”. For Sri-Lanka to hand over the southern coast of Itambantota port,it only means one thing. She failed to repay China the debt owed. This to the China government is part of the loan repayment but it sounds more of a disguise in the name of a 99- year lease agreement. China now holds a majority stake in the port as part of a joint venture with the state run Sri-Lanka port authority. This agreement includes a thirty year tax break for the Chinese firms. How convenient.

It is quite clear that China’s assistance to any country always come with preconditions. Still on Sri-Lanka, China asked the host government (Sri-Lanka) to clear the domestic legal and political issues before investments are made into the Colombo port city development project. That including the land too. It is more sad that Pakistan’s Gwadar port is headed in the same direction with the Chinese government.

Seventy two percent of Kenya’s fifty billion dollars bilateral debts is owed to China,with Kenya requesting an additional $3.8 billion extension,according to a report. Just like world bank which has eight countries sitting in the board, that is U.S,France, Germany, the UK,Russia,Saudi Arabia,China and Japan who have a bigger say and the chairman most part of it was the U.S. China has become the second world bank,dishing loans to the African countries with a hidden agenda of taking over the African continent’s most basic national resources so that they can grow their economy at the expense of degenerating African countries economy.

Modern day economic hit man is slowly increasing her territory and power to the African continent and we are watching and taking this sitting down when sooner or later things will blow up on our faces and we will have no where to go and no one to cry to but ourselves. My question still is,why would China want to take over the African countries national resources especially the ports?

Being your Brother’s Keeper…

What if all of us takes the first initiative? This is a question that I have asked myself for the past few days. I suppose if we all took the responsibility of being our brother’s keeper then we wouldn’t look for people to blame whenever a disaster or a tragedy occurs.

There are lots of videos that have been doing rounds on social media. Sad and heart breaking. Videos of people calling and crying for help. People share these videos and I ask myself is it really human to do so. Just where and when did Kenyans lose their humanity?Do we ever stop and reflect on the long term effect such videos have towards the affected families? Do we even put ourselves in their situation?

There is a lot we can do whenever we hear a cry for help. The time one spends on recording the injured is so much for the dying person. Remember…every second counts for a dying person. We enjoy recording and watching them suffer in pain through our phones so that we can share and get more likes and comments. In real sense that’s the only time you can bring out the humanity within.

Sometimes it’s not about having the first aid skills. But shouting for help…making an emergency call if you’re in a position to makes a huge difference to the person lying in front of you. It’s sad that instead of being of help to the injured,you choose to show them that you own a smart phone and you’re capable of taking pictures and recording videos whichever way you like and any time you so wish. These are the same people who don’t pave way to ambulances and emergency vehicles.

Doing that only shows your level of maturity and the kind of care and concern you have towards your fellow humans. I know most people will disagree with me but it’s not always about how you carry yourself out there but what you do when you’re alone and most importantly when you’re around people and animals as well.

The recent ferry disaster had people talking and as usual blame games. Kenyans are always too quick to judge and condemn the government for their slow response. The first responders are always the ones on the ground. Just how much did the people who could dive do to save the situation…were the pax able to call anyone from the emergency department immediately?… How aggressive were they the moment the vehicle plunged into the ocean? Definitely… there was panic but what strategy did they come up with so as to help the sea divers and the Kenya Navy so as to retrieve the bodies?

That brings me to the commonly asked question on the level of our preparedness as a nation. This starting from the local level all the way up to the national level. But even before we can address the response question…how much do we know when it comes to different disasters and are we even equipped with information on handling them whenever we are hit?

It’s important to be our brother’s keeper and act as we should whenever we are needed to help. Taking pictures and recording videos in times of distress should not be the case. There is a lot more we can do to the person lying down there calling for your help….and just who knows… you may save a life when you least expect it. I wonder how you even sleep after recording the victim and learning later that the person succumbed to injuries.


Once a trusted friend,

Handy like a right hand man,

Always there whenever needed,

Smiling and laughing,

As if happiness was his first name,and laughter his sir name,

His teeth were like the fresh milk of Rubindi,

His eyes shiny like the night stars,

His complexion very attractive, with a flawless skin like that of a new born,

His ears flaring in the air,one would think he’s cousins with the elephant.

Then a time came when all that changed.

The smile vanished into thin air

The laughter faded within a flash with the sound disappearing in the wind

The once shiny and happy friend

Turned gloomy,I could only compare him to darkness.

Solitude was his first name,sorrow and pain became his family

His white teeth became a rare gem,invincible like your imagination

The once bright eyes were filled with rage,pain,sorrow and anger.

It was hard to fathom what was going on his mind

The flawless skin became a crocodile’s skin

His figure was lean,tall and hopeless

The only thing that remained standing out were his elephant ears.

His world stopped

The pace slowed

The laughter faded

The breath silent

The heartbeat weakened

The sowing collapsed

Just like that his eyes closed

Free from the evil of this world

Free from the treacherous humans

Just like that the heartbeat stopped

No more pulse rate,no more movement

Just like that he was like a log of wood

He laid there lifeless,motionless

One could think he is sleeping

But that was not the case,he was gone.

Gone forever

Never to be seen nor see

Never to be felt nor feel

Never to be heard nor hear

Never to smile,never to laugh,never to be happy nor angry

Never to flare his elephant ears

Never to breath again

Just like that he was six feet under

Just like that he was an angel around the throne since that day. #intropoetry

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